What we do?

Logistics and distribution of promotional material LCP

Our aim is to give our clients high added value solutions and service in order to optimise your marketing, communications, logistics and purchasing department's efforts and quality. We assume the responsibility of all the promotional material used, such as displays, leaflets, catalogues, promotional gifts and any other articles that our client require for their promotional actions.

We collaborate with your company to make all the articles required for promotion through campaigns, conventions, deliveries to your sales force, etc, be at it's destinations, with full reliability and just in time.

Our company, specialised in Logistics of Promotional Material since 1974, offer the necessary experience and flexibility so that those different departments involved, can focus on their main activity, without having to concern themselves with other issues external to their own responsibility which often take much of their time, and we make convert your fixed costs to variable, directly dependent on your promotional need.

To achieve that, we are responsible of:

Reception of articles making the quality control at the beginning, avoiding possible mistakes later on. We can also if the client wishes, control the incoming displays or stands from shows and exhibitions to take precautionary measures such as cleaning, repairing or proceed to their destruction, with previous authorisation.    

  • Computerise the articles and manage stocks so you can always have all the information readily available.
  • Store articles in specially designed shelves or in the picking area, depending on the type of goods, allowing later faster preparation of orders for campaigns.
  • We can do all type of special handling, such as assembling kits, lot batches, bagging processes, mailings or any other specific process required.
  • Order s preparation and shipments with all the required documentation.
  • We also manage local, national or international distribution, making always a telematic follow-up until its final destination.

Benefits that our service provide to your organization

Benefits for your company are immediate:

  • Efficient service. Our last quality control, based in 275.000 orders, shows a incidence level rate of 0,05%  
  • Personalised service fully oriented to the management and collaboration of problem solving with our customers and other agents.
  • Efficient information in order to anticipate possible problems and to evaluate the efficiency of the campaigns.
  • Promotional items cost optimisation thanks to the reutilization of stands, exposition furniture, displays, etc., obsolete materials control and avoiding money lost due to promotional campaigns subject to time constraints, over sized stocks.

Our clients

Services are oriented to marketing and communication departments responsible of promotional material management.

Due to our commitment in terms of confidentiality, we can not list the names of our customers, but they include Official European, regional and local bureaus, multinational companies, small business, professionals and even individuals.

Phases of our service


Establish written operating procedures including those specific requirements, and needs of each client


2.1 Reception of materials

2.1.1 Unloading, classification, control and entry in the E.D.P system of the received materials.

2.1.2 Storage of materials at the picking or pallet storage area, depending on its size and rotation.

2.2. - Orders / Deliveries

2.2.1. - Reception of orders via modem, Internet, fax, EDI, SAP, etc

2.2.2. - Entry of received orders into the E.D.P system.

2.2.3. - Production of picking lists and labels in our clients paperwork, if it is required.

2.2.4. -Orders confection.  

2.2.5.- Confection of deliveries by its destination and/or transport agency.

2.2.6.- Loading and control of documentation and entry of the delivery into the E.D.P. system.



  • Regular service: 24 hours in working days
  • Express service: maximum of 4 hours in working days.
Distribution (optional service)

We can make world-wide distribution.


4.1. Since the reception of materials until they are delivered to the final destinations, orders and articles are followed-up   with a information system. In every single moment, our clients can follow-up their stocks, deliveries, peaks and troughs of articles, rotation of articles, summaries by articles, points of delivery, etc.

Leinad is always responsible of the materials, at all times