What we do?

Records and document management and storage

The records and documents in your company grow and they need more and more space and time to manage them. Since 1974, Leinad offers you a full document storage management solution for:

  • Archives (document and file storage )
  • Records and documents
  • Magnetic media storage.
  • Clinical records
  • Back up copies

Leinad picks-up the records in your company, records them in the E.D.P. (Information System) and stores them in specifically designed facilities. We keep them until our customer needs them or proceeds to the certified destruction, when it is required.

Benefits that our GYCAD service offers


In Space : allows you to have the more and more expensive space for your own activities. Leinad helps you make your record management run smoothly allowing you to focus on your key business priorities. The costs of your records change from fix to variable, depending on the volume that they occupy.

In Time : you can recover any document in few hours and with complete reliability at your office, and your staff don't have to lose time and concentration in the search and afterwards classification. This is a very high cost for your business.


You can have classified and computerised records according to your needs, knowing your records volume and its variations, even for each department or section.

Our system guarantees he complete confidentiality of your records, at every level.


Our facilities with 22.000 m3 are protected against robbery and fire according to the U.E. recommendations.


Due to our commitment in terms of confidentiality, we can not list the names of our customers, but we count between them Official European, regional and local bureaus, multinational companies, small business, professionals and even individuals.

Parts of our "GYCAD" service that you can choose

Information and evaluation

Information about our records and documents management and storage service.

Evaluation of your records and quotation.

Contract signature.

Pick-up and control

Delivery of our own stationery. (Optional)

Arrangement and documentation of the records delivered to Leinad.

Pick up.

Entry of all the data to the E.D.P.

Storage and custody

All the records are kept in our facilities in specifically designed shelves, making deliveries fast and efficiently , avoiding mistakes and damage to the records.


Reception of orders via Internet, telephone or fax. You can order boxes, sub-boxes, folders or documents.

Picking of the required records.

Record of the delivery



  • Regular service: 24 hours in working days
  • Express service: maximum of 4 hours in working days.


  • Telephone / fax
  • Internet (e-mail/web)
  • Courier

Once your order is received, we proceed to destroy the documents you request, giving you the legally official certificate of destruction.

Additional services

Records management and suggestions for filing.

Rooms for records check (inspections, auditors, etc.)

Scanning and digitalisation of documents.

Space for temporary storage of office furniture or equipment is also available for our clients, and everything at a price, generally lower than the cost of the space you use to store your records now.