Our resources

Physical resources

We have available picking and shelving and maintenance equipment specifically designed for the wide range of handling, electric fork-lifts, E.D.P. and communication tools.

The E.D.P. system, designed in-house, is continuously upgraded and improved, since its development in 1974.

Main funcionality

Continuos development

Continuos improvement of application tools and management agility. Campaign distribution reproduction, historical data management, measurement of real refurbishment times, suggestions of refurbishment orders, breakdown of components for kits, etc...

Communications flexibility

App, Web, SAP, EDI .....


Profile management, personalised treatment, client's historical inventory, distribution, and data management.

The client, through Internet with personalised access passwords, can order, consult, and make a complete follow-up of the progress of any article from the moment it is received, to their final delivery destination