Who we are

A philosophy

Leinad offers logistic services since 1.974, with a very clear objective, that hasn't changed since then:

"A place for everything and everything in its place, just in time"

An entity

Leinad is an independent company, founded in Barcelona without any kind of tie to banks, financial or industrial institutions.

A service

Since its beginnings, LEINAD has researched and developed its own systems and resources to acquire culture of personalised and efficient service, which imply quality and economies. We don't know if we are the best ones, but we do know we do our job well and with high quality standards, as we have almost no incidences. 

Our last quality control, based in 275.000 orders, shows a incidence level rate of 0,05%, and although it becomes increasingly difficult to improve these rates, we continue to pursue innovations and analyse to improve continuously.

Human resources

Leinad has developed culture of personalised and efficient service, carefully selecting its human resources and providing them with on-site continuous education.   

Our facilities

We are strategically located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat near Barcelona, with a total capacity of 22.000 cubic metres, fully shelved.

  • Records storage in specifically designed shelves.
  • Promotional items picking and pallet storage shelves.
  • Large loading and unloading areas.

Security: Our facilities have smoke detectors all over, connected to an alarm, and dust fire extinguishers, in compliance with the appropriate legislation, that do not damage the papers stored in.

There's a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year surveillance service.   

We believe that we are working well, since from 1974, we have never had any source of problems regarding confidentiality, fire or theft.   And although it is not an unlimited guarantee for the future, it remains a qualified reference.